Fun Facts

→ Raffey got started with acting when she was seven years old.

→ She has three older brothers, Grace, Finney and Mossie, who are also actors.

→ As well as having an interest in acting, Raffey also loves doing gymnastics and also dancing.

→ Her two favorite Disney films are “The Incredibles” and “Monsters, inc”.

→ In her free time, she likes to experiment with special effects makeup.

→ Her favorite dessert are lemon bars and she enjoys making them herself.

→ She says her favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain.

→ She has a closely knit family who travels along together everywhere they go.

→ Her favorite animals are the wolves.

→ Besides being an actress, Raffey would like to be a fashion designer.

→ She is an expert in mixed martial arts. She learned them while filming the Tomorrowland movie. She also learned gymnastics and driving.

→ At the moment Raffey is not interested in social networks, so they can not find it.

→ In 2013 Cassidy was named on Screen International magazine’s Stars of Tomorrow. She is the youngest actor to be featured on the annual list.

→ Raffey’s favorite movie is “Hanna”, and in the future he would love to play a role like that.

→ Her favorite book is Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams written by Sylvia Plath.

→ Raffey says the best thing she’s ever bought is a weighted hoola hoop as it’s fun and good for your care.

→ Some of her favorite fashion labels are Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel.

→ Her favorite food is Chilli with meat prepared by her mother.

→ Currently Raffey lives in the United Kingdom, but would love to live in the United States.

→ While filming “Tomorrowland” in Toronto, Canada Raffey’s entire family was there with her.

→ George Clooney gifted a diamond bracelet to Raffey after they had finished filming “Tomorrowland”.

→ To help with getting into character, Raffey uses images of animals on set.

→ If she could choose an actress to work with, she would choose the Irish actress Saoirse Ronan.

→ Raffey in her free time enjoys going to the theater, and she would like to try it if she had the chance.

→ Raffey likes to listen to a band called “Walk Off the Earth”.

→ She would love to have a fashion brand inspired by Clueless and study at Central Saint Martins or Parsons.

→ She creates a new Spotify playlist every month, she currently enjoys Sigrid and Major Laser.