[Wendy Mitchell, editor of Screen International] “I had heard that Raffey was extremely talented, and then I had the chance to meet her on the set of Molly Moon. She was extremely professional on the set and you could tell immediately what kind of charisma she has on screen. Also, I was so charmed by her – she’s a smart, sweet girl who’s down to earth, not like some show-off child actors. She’s got the talent and the grounding to go so far.”

[Christopher Rowley, director of Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism] “There’s an adult living inside this wonderful little girl. She has such talent and such a love of the craft. I directed her as if she were grown up. She was able to digest her notes and deliver her best on each take. We were filming hard for seven or eight weeks, and she never complained. She fitted her private tuition around her filming commitments. The adults were all surprised at her quality. They really fed off her, and she wasn’t overawed at all. She and Joan got on great… She has a very strong, nurturing and supportive family which really helps. Raffey can do anything she wants. If she chooses to be a star, she will be a star. She can do serious acting and comedy. She does a brilliant trash Southern accent, which is remarkable for a 12-year-old.”

[Andrew Marv, co-star in Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism] “Had the pleasure to work with her on her latest movie. She is both stunning and talented. A bright future ahead for this young girl. Bless her and those amazing blue eyes.”

[Lee Wardle, crew member from Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism] “I [too] had the pleasure of working with Raffey on the Molly Moon production. She really is an absolute delight and I enjoyed working with her a lot. This girl will go a long long way in her career and I wish her every success. Such a sweet person!”

[Britt Robertson, protagonist in Tomorrowland] “Raffey played mom a lot, especially with George and I. She was constantly just trying to keep us focused. Funny enough, that’s how she is in life too, and not intentionally but she’s so professional and so focused herself. I oftentimes would look over and be like, ‘Oh, yeah, okay, right. This is what we’re doing. This is what we’re doing.’ We had so much fun together and we had such a great time. We spent a lot of time together just between stunt training and then, obviously, filming the movie. So I think our dynamic off screen probably helped a lot of our chemistry on screen as well.”

[George Clooney, protagonist in Tomorrowland] “Raffey is spectacular and she was just 12 at the time, I think, and way too talented, for her age, and sweet and funny.”

[David Johnson, Manchester drama teacher] “I tutored her father Simon Cassidy and all the family have been with us too. I knew she had lots of talent.”

[Nick Pirrmann, production assistant of The Killing of a Sacred Deer] “The great and amazing Raffey Cassidy and I, we are working together on the film ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’, but you might know her from ‘Tomorrowland’ as Athena, she is super talented and will go very far! It was such a pleasure to work with her!”

[Robbie Collin, commentator of] “For an unknown 15-year-old to stand out on camera between Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman is no small feat. To have done it in one of the best and most controversial films at Cannes this year is something else entirely. Raffey’s controlled and captivating work will make film fans – and casting agents – sit up and take note.”